10-things-about-life-I-wish-I'd-known-10-years-agoThere’s a famous line in Game of Thrones that I think is so perfect it sums up life. Ygritte’s famous line she says to John Snow is ‘You know nothing John Snow.’ This is something I have heard from my own dad over and over and I admit I roll my eyes every time. If you watch Game of Thrones you will know exactly what I’m talking about. Its a perfect line from Ygritte and my own interpretation is she is referring to so many things in John Snow’s life not just the mysterious White Walkers who roam past the wall (You’ll have to watch the show if you don’t know what I’m talking about).

So I admit it I know nothing. There is still so much learning and growing to do. Probably many lifetimes worth. But I have learnt a few things in my small uneventful life and here are 10 of them. Some are from people, books and experiences. Allot are obvious but when I was twenty they weren’t so obvious to me.

  1. You’re worthy of success and happiness: I spent allot of time punishing myself in the wrong career thinking I didn’t deserve any happiness or success.
  2. Never put up with shit from anyone: Leave that job, leave that house. Its hard to walk away from things but you have to be brave sometimes.
  3. Its OK to rent: I thought rent money is dead money for a long time. I put everything on hold thinking one day I could a buy house. I was wrong. I should of just rented.
  4. Have fun and be happy: I spent way too much time being miserable in my twenties and this I regret.
  5. Keep a journal: I wish I had a journal of my F***** up thoughts from the bad times. I think it would of made a good book. It could have been The Perks of Being a Wallflower as an adult. Mainly I wish I had just written things down.
  6. Who cares what people think: I use to sit at the back of restaurants, drive down side streets to avoid people and dissect conversations worried what people thought of me. Now I walk the dog in my pyjamas. Now I publish books. Every year I care less and less about what people think. I’m just a tiny speck in the universe, every moment disappears and everything I create will eventually fade.
  7. Take more risks: I studied e-Commerce when it was in its infant stage. The Internet was so young ten years ago, it still is. I wish I had of experimented with business ideas. I also wish I had of packs my bags and done odd jobs around the world but I thought I would be better off trying to get ahead in a cubicle. I was wrong.
  8. Follow your heart when it comes to career. You can never go wrong if you follow your heart.
  9. Be yourself: People like vulnerability and authenticity. Don’t try and be someone you’re not.
  10. Stop watching so much T.V and create something instead: All those hours wasted watching mindless T.V when I could of been creating and growing.

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Image via gameofthrones.wikia.com