11-mood-booster-for-writersAre you in a writing funk? Need a booster to kick start your writing metabolism? You’ve come to the right place. You love writing. You know the book or books you want to create. You can feel it. You know it in your bones what you want to achieve. But you keep giving into distractions and you constantly question everything. Being in a writing funk is like a dark cloud hanging over you.

I spent a whole year being PA and not writing one word. I thought about it every minute of the day. I had the time (I was a PA for gods sake). Every month that went by that I wasn’t creating, I got deeper and deeper into a hole. I felt down all the time. I beat myself up. I was depressed, anxious and I couldn’t shake it. Everyday I sought out distractions.

11-mood-boosters-for-writersI finally ended up turning things around. Slowly I got things on track. Sure sometimes I would go backwards and I still do but then I catch up. I always keep running, the marathon is still going and I’m never leaving the race.

Whatever the problem is, you have to get out this funk. It has to stop because its robbing you of vital time. Here are 11 mood boosters for writers:

  1. Sweat. Up the ante and literally exercise your heart out. Sweating will release the pressure cooker that is your body.
  2. Make the brain sweat. Write 10 Ideas a Day. Challenge yourself to create. Things don’t seem so bad when you see a small window of your potential.
  3. Make the heart sweat. Cry. Let it out. It’s OK. If you’re like me you’ll agree creative work is important and worth crying about. Clarity comes when you let out your emotions. You always feel better when you have a cry.
  4. Call for help. Best thing I ever did was to call a writing mentor. The encouragement and constructive feedback has been invaluable. I wouldn’t be here writing if I hadn’t.
  5. Meditate or do Yoga. Going inward will help you focus on what is really bothering you plus stretching out the body release pressure stored in our bodies.
  6. Think positive and block out the negative. Easier said than done, I know. Are things really as bad as you think they are? Sure its shitty you haven’t finished that book after 5 years but your not living in a war zone. Cut out the catastrophic thinking.
  7. Put down the phone and observe. Get your morning latte outside and sit the whole time not looking at your phone. Notice the trees, birds, snow, people, everything.
  8. Sit in the sun for ten minutes. Just ten minutes a day gives us our daily requirement of Vitamin D. Not to mention all the benefits of direct sunlight like keeping us alert.
  9. Read your all time fave piece of writing. Remind yourself what you love about the craft.
  10. Listen to an Audio Book while going for a walk. Audio books fill the creative well and can help you escape inside yourself.
  11. Laugh out loud. Watch something funny on Youtube, The Comedy Channel or a funny movie. Laughing tickles and soothes the soul.

It happens to the best of us. Daily management of our creative selves is a work in progress. Mood boosters might be needed yearly, monthly, weekly, daily or even hourly. When you go into a writing funk and have to crawl your way out of it. The light is closer than you think and there is always a light at the end of tunnel.

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