14-reasons-to-be-positive-about-your-writingI’ve said it a million times before and I’m going to say it again. There has never been a better time to be a writer. Don’t dismiss your dreams and ignore your intuition. Don’t listen to anyone who says there’s too much competition or it’s over for authors. Here are 14 Reasons to be positive about writing:

  1. You can write for the rest of your life. Margaret Atwood is 76 years and is still writing and experimenting.
  2. There is no wasted effort. Every time you put word to paper you’re improving. Whether it be developing the writing habit or learning the craft. Nothing is ever wasted.
  3. If you decide to self-publish. You can call yourself an entrepreneur.
  4. I believe we have ideas and gut feelings for a reason. If you must write, trust that feeling as there must be a reason you have to write that book.
  5. Writers and Creatives can work anywhere in the world. How awesome is that! One day you could be sitting on beach with your laptop typing away. Then you can call yourself a digital nomad.
  6. Emerging Global Markets. There are 300 million educated English speakers in India waiting to discover your books. There are double the amount of people in China on the internet than the whole USA. There are still 4.2 billion people unconnected to the internet. Basically the self-publishing industry is still in its infancy.
  7. Shorter fiction may be the way of the future as mobile devices become increasingly popular to read on and shorter fiction is easier to write!
  8. There are so many opportunities to be a writer out there. The internet has killed many professions but it has created so many more opportunities. Everyone these days can be a journalist, everyone has a mini computer in their pockets, bloggers need posts from writers, people are hungry for information and inspiration.
  9. For all the bloggers out there. It’s inevitable that your traffic will grow over time. As you create more posts and articles, google will start to see you as an authority and before you know it thousands of people will be visiting every month.
  10. Creative people never get bored. How blessed are you! There’s always something to do or a book that needs writing. Most people just watch T.V every night. You’ll have a shelf full of your accomplishments.
  11. Writing never goes out of fashion. You are always going to need writing skills. Nobody picks up a phone anymore in an office, they send an email. Effective and clear writing is a skill you can take anywhere.
  12. Good work always rises to the top. Ignore the competition and don’t worry about being discovered. If your book is any good it will be discovered.
  13. Be proud you are in the arena and putting your work out there. Even if you haven’t blogged or self-published, you have dreams so be proud and protect them.
  14. For every person that may not like your work there will always be two that do. Focus on those people.

We all have a choice be glass half full writers or negative depressed writing cliches. I’m choosing to be positive and the more I look at everything the more I can see how amazing things are. The future looks bright people so go on get writing!

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