2015-Annual-ReviewMy First Annual Review is here! As I’m such a geek and a ‘thinker’ I can’t wait to get down to the nitty gritty of 2015. Overall the year has been a wild ride with its ups and downs. All are part of the creative process and the creative life. I’m going to be looking at everything from books, blogging, content, self-publishing, social media and everything in-between. Here were my Writing and Creative Goals for 2015.


My 2015 theme was ‘shipping’ and the second half of the year, it really clicked how important it is to finish things and get them out into the world. I self-published 5 books in total which was my goal. They were 5 ideas, I executed and shipped. I didn’t overthink them and just went for it.


Blog Logo was completely redesigned to something more professional. The tagline was also changed to ‘Helping you build your creative empire one word at a time’. I managed to stay on a regular schedule and post every week. I published in total 92 posts including this one. I’m sure there is an easy way to find how many words you publish but I’ve estimated about 45,000 words. The blog post that went viral and is still getting views was Ten Author Platform Examples, thanks to the Australian Writers Centre. Some of my favourite posts were How to Create a Coloring Book that Sells and Six Figure Romance Books and other Kindle Spy Secrets. I had one guest post from Robbie Hutchins: The Key to Building a Strong Author Platform. 


Active Patience: A Simple Guide to Productive Writing is free but it has managed to stay in the top 20 in the Creativity Category all year. It’s getting on average 5-8 downloads a day. When I self-published Active Patience I truly thought it would disappear. Also the amazing positive reviews and emails from people from around the world have warmed my heart.

I absolutely love the My Bullshit List Notebooks (Black, Floral, Spots) and they are actually selling on Amazon.

The most surprising project I started in the later part of the year was The Sacred heart Coloring Book. If someone told me in January, you are going to do a coloring book this year, I would of said Bullshit! No way! It was an truly the most rewarding project I did this year and I loved every second of it but now I’m going through that ‘Is it good enough’ stage so I haven’t started promoted it yet.

Social Media

I got more active on Facebook this year and I never thought I would say it but I’ve been enjoying it! My FB page has increased by about 150 people, not much but still something. I also joined some groups which has been encouraging. I repost my blog posts on Medium and got some attention with some of my articles and increased my following.

Ten Questions

I sent out my ten questions to a total of four authors/writers. My favourite being Allison Tait. I’m aiming to improve on this and get at least 1 a month.

Courses and Development

I did finish my Certificate in Design and read some great non fiction books this year. I enrolled in a couple of Udemy courses, some I have yet to finish. I enjoyed Seth Godin’s freelancer course.


This year I really put myself out there more and that includes putting my real name, Nicole Cappelleri on my work. This was a big step for me being the shy introvert I am. I’m currently trying to change everything and drop my pen name so Nicole Cappelleri appears on everything.


First half of the year I was anxiety ridden and procrastinating like my life depended on it. Not much writing was happening. There were allot of distractions and detours with projects this year. Some projects I haven’t worked on all year and new ones were started. The Books I did self-publish were more notebooks rather than the fiction and non-fiction I wanted to publish this year. Confessions of a Comperholic is still not finished and I’ve lost steam for the story. Not finishing certain fiction projects has caused me to not act on others. This has brought my fiction to a halt. I didn’t end up finishing Active Affirmations like I wanted to but I’m close to finishing it in the New Year.

Traffic on the blog has gone down in the second half of the year, mainly because I was working on so many projects and not blogging so much.

My email list hasn’t grown much this year. My reader magnet inside Active Patience should be converting more but again I had so many new projects and detours this year I just haven’t had time.

I got some abusive emails from people (grammar police) over a post about being a real writer which had some grammatical errors in it. Well a few people contacted me via email and FB and I ended up taking it down. I also got an email from a snobby editor about how I have no right to self-publish.

My writing mentor and I, have had a rocky relationship this year (something I want to work on getting back on track as I focus on fiction in 2016).

I haven’t quite worked out Twitter hence why my followers haven’t increased this year but I like retweeting things.

I didn’t enrol in any writing courses this year. The main reason was just time. I also didn’t read as many books as I wanted to, again time was a factor and lack of energy.

Income is still low from creative endeavours but I’m hoping to improve dramatically next year.

I also didn’t do much international travel this year which is linked to income above.

Overall its been a good year. I didn’t write as much as I wanted to but I don’t know If I ever will be satisfied with my efforts. Evaluating everything has made me think of all things I’ve learned about myself and how much better I can do next year. Merry Christmas and I can’t wait to see everyone in the New Year! Before I let you go tell me….

How was 2015 for you? Did you achieve your creative and writing goals this year?