Well, the year is nearly up and thank god it’s almostĀ over! It hasn’t been the best year but I’ll try and be as positive as I can.


  • I created an online clothing store with Shopify! Probably the only positive of the year. Check it out here.
  • Learnt some new marketing techniques in my new day job this year.
  • I went to Italy and soaked up the art, culture and sightseeing. I had been dreaming about going back to Italy for a while and now it’s out of my system, I can finally relax.
  • Social Media. I got an Instagram account for my store which I’ve been enjoying plus a LinkedIn.
  • I managed to keep up writing for my paid blogging job here.
  • Going to the RWA Conference in Adelaide with writing friends. Learnt heaps and it was inspiring.
  • My notebooks and colouring book continue to sell.
  • Penguin expressed interest in my manuscript! See negative below.


  • Blog being hacked twice! Probably my own fault for not blogging and checking it.
  • Removing virus/phishing scam twice from blog with Netregistry……….sigh
  • Depression. This year, I can say I did lose the battle but I’m hopeful to get on top of it in 2017.
  • Chocolate. Lost the battle, chocolate won. I still eat way too much.
  • Fitness. I stopped going to yoga and doing my weights. The consequences both physical and mental were noted.
  • My dog died. R.I.P Bonnie. I’m still in recovery as we speak and all of a sudden I’m alone on my walks.
  • Reading. I didn’t read that much this year. Mainly due to not being able to focus but I did enjoy Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert.
  • Blogging. I didn’t blog that much this year. I’m really disappointed in myself for not keeping up and I think this contributed to the depression.
  • Writing. Not much writing done at all plus I severed ties with my mentor and are in the process of getting a new one. A huge blow but have no one to blame but myself.
  • Publishing. No new books published and still sitting on one thats ready???
  • Manuscript not submitted to Penguin who requested it. At a loss with this one. Fear? Perfectionism? Ahhhh!
  • Resistance. It did beat me this year. I succumbed to it and fully own it.

What’s coming in 2017

I’m officially dumping the ActivePatience.com domain and switching to my name and my real name at that, Nicole Cappelleri. This has been a change that’s been coming for a while as I branch out to other creative areas. Plus I’d like to get more personal in the future.

I would like o thank all my readers and wish everyone Happy Holidays, Christmas and New Year.