Are you ready for 2017? Well, it’s here and it’s flying past as we speak. As I write this it’s currently the 7th of January, 7 days in and I’ve managed to write 2 blog posts, get organised and do some SEO stuff for my business. Already so productive! For now…..sigh. So here goes, here are my 2017 goals:

  • Write a minimum of 5 blog posts a week for my personal blog, paid blogging job, Medium, Shopify Community on Medium and my store’s blog. Thats a total of 260 posts for 2017.
  • Finish Time Capsule Books and create more Bullshit List Books.
  • Create more eCommerce Businesses that generate a side income. This includes building up more of a social following and of course sales!
  • Write 500 words a day 5 days a week.
  • Fix author account on amazon and get rid of pen name once and for all.
  • Clean up blog before relaunch. Delete old info and URL’s.
  • Start painting. Have brushes and a canvas but no paint.
  • Sell art on Bluethumb (this might take a while but I’m hoping my art eventually good enough).
  • Try and beat depression this year by focusing on exercise and holistic therapies.
  • Do yoga once a week and stick to it.
  • Drop Active Patience and change everything to Nicole Cappelleri. A big step but necessary for my growth as a writer and creative.
  • Find another Writing Mentor. Working on it.
  • Build email list up which has been neglected this year.
  • Build up Facebook page and start a personal Instagram.
  • Consistently send out a monthly newsletter.
  • Start listening to Podcasts again on the train.
  • Make decisions faster and stop so indecisive about things.

I’m really excited about the year ahead and if last year is anything to go by, it has to get better. Wishing you all a goal crushing 2017!