So you want to be a writer and you want to write full time. No problem! Right? Making a living as a full time writer can often be as elusive as winning the lottery. Let’s face it, most writers will never make a living with their writing. But what if you had multiple streams of income to support your writing. You would probably be OK and be able to pay for your bills comfortably and focus on your writing and books. Here are few ideas to get your side hustle on so you can concentrate on what you really want and write.


What if I told you, you could start a business where the manufacturer creates and sends the products to the customer and all you had to do was set-up the website and do all the marketing. This is dropshipping! With a platform like Shopify you can connect to Alibaba or printing businesses like Printful and get all your products sorted. Dropshipping is perfect for writers because we need our space and don’t want to keep heaps of stock at home. Our homes are for writing! Read the Ultimate Guide to Dropshipping by Shopify.

Check out this clothing business.

eCommerce Business

Maybe dropshipping isn’t for you but you like painting or making jewellery in your spare time. Why not sell your arts and craft either on your website, Etsy or eBay? Or maybe you’ve found the ultimate product you know you could sell online. An online business is perfect for writers because we’re online all the time! And we know social media and we can utilise our already somewhat established networks to sell products.

Buy an eCommerce business that’s already making money

Feeling impatient? Don’t want to start from scratch. Why not head over to Empire Flippers and buy an existing website that’s already making money. Depending on your price range there are small profitable businesses available to large six figure plus businesses. Take your pick as all businesses are checked out thoroughly.

Start a small Printing Press

Since you are a writer yourself, you know good writing when you see it. And, if you know how to self-publish books why not help other people achieve their dreams. As a small publisher, you take a commission and produce the books for the aspiring authors. You’ll also have to do some marketing with your authors but you already know the game so you have an advantage. This business is perfect for a writer.

Check out the small Australian Serenity Press.

Become an online teacher

Most successful writers are now creating courses and turning what they know into a business. Unfortunately the sad truth is people are more willing to pay for an easy video course teaching them how to write than read a book on it. This is the perfect business for a writer because it turns what you already know into an asset like a book that sits and makes money. Upload you course on Udemy and you’re all set.

The norm now is to create multiple streams of income and side businesses. Happy writing and hustling creatives!

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