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1. There is no phone number for WordPress

I get it. There are millions of people with WordPress Blogs and its just not logical to have a hotline for technical help but going through forum after forum from 2011 is not fun. Solution: Post a Question, don’t make it public and wait for the WordPress Staff to respond. Better Solution: Outsource the blog on oDesk.

2. There is WordPress.com and WordPress.org and yes they are different

Ah yes there is a WordPress.com and WordPress.org, confused? You can find out the difference here but I had to learn this hard way and transfer my blog over to WordPress.org and Id decided to do this myself. Big mistake. And transferring from one to the other is a minefield and it takes 60 days before you can do anything with that domain. Solution? Patience and repeat this mantra: Rome wasn’t built in day.

3. Images + Source + Fonts + Shapes + Design = Headache

I’m still not entirely sure how to reference the original source of an image and where to get them from so apologies in advance for mundane and cliche images with no source. Who knew that finding an image could be so hard, let alone the right image for that blog post you just did record time. Ah and there it is. The ultimate demon of resistance, perfectionism. Solution? Stop overthinking it, KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid).

4. Getting the appearance right is tedious 

Details. Details. Where’s 99 Designs when you need them. You are the master of your blog but being the master comes with decisions and  I mean come on people we are trying to build a brand here, purple or coral? That is the question.

5. Is Anybody out there

Writing to yourself seems weird and odd. Obviously nobody is reading…at first but I can’t help but wonder what a strange species the wannabe writer is, that they are willing to start a website and have conversations with themselves with no guarantee of anything coming out of it. This weird and odd feeling often comes when the self doubt appears. You know, that little demon who rears it’s ugly head again and says JUST GIVE UP ALREADY!

The journey continues…