Amazon is coming to Australia! Finally! Well, actually we always had access to Amazon but it always cost too much to ship anything over down under so it wasn’t really worth it. We Aussie’s tend to be a protected and set-in-our-ways kind of bunch too. We like our shopping centers and online stores with free shipping and we accept $25 books at the airport are just the norm here.

But maybe things are about to change….

With this new and predictable news that has been a long time coming, many people seem to be divided. Retailers are apparently bracing themselves while consumers are waiting to open their wallets. For the rest of us who have side businesses as indie-authors or entrepreneurs, I believe the coming arrival of Amazon is a good thing.

Firstly, the obvious advantage of having an Amazon fulfillment center on our continent will be delivery. Shipping is going to be a hell of a lot cheaper. If I had a dollar for every person that said ‘I’d love to buy your book but the shipping costs to Australia……’ lets just say I would be a rich lady. Of course this only applies to indie-authors with physical books, notebooks and workbooks like myself. But it would be nice to level the playing field with all the U.S and UK indie-authors and not to mention businesses that sell through Amazon.

Secondly, if you’re an entrepreneur and have a product or business in Australia you can now dropship in Australia and sell through Amazon. Amazon is not just a store it’s a marketplace where people go to buy. Dropshipping will be made easy as Amazon will handle all the fulfillment. No longer do we have to go China or overseas to be competitive.

With any change comes fear but the best thing to do is just keep writing and creating of course!