Kim Kardashian Active PatienceI decided to write a book review of Selfish by Kim Kardashian when my sister (a die hard fan) brought it from our local book shop. I confess I watch the Kardashians but it was my sister who wanted to buy her book so here’s what I encountered when I looked at it. I say ‘looked’ at it because there is maybe 2 paragraphs of actual text in the book. It’s full of pictures of Kim or should I say ‘Selfies’ and I will try and keep it as positive as I can. I think sometimes we are often too harsh and critical of these of these famous creatures.

photo 3The book starts off innocent enough with some baby pictures and then begins 2006. A few pictures of Paris Hilton. Then 2007 until we reach present time 2014, you get the drift. Make-up and hair varies and improves over the years but all are pretty much the same. Kim gazing into the camera with the same ‘look’ similar to Ben Stiller in Zoolander. There is no doubt she is attractive and I start to wonder what are her make-up tricks? How do I get her luscious hair?

photo 4There are celebrities, friends, parties, sisters and brothers scattered through out the book so If you are a fan of Kim’s you will enjoy these sneak peaks into her life. And the rumours are true there is a Black Section in the book where there are naked pictures of Kim. Yes you read right. There are naked pictures and sexy lingerie photos (for the teenage boys I guess?).

There are however positive aspects of Kim’s image I like. She is curvy and not stick thin and like myself she is a brunette. These types of pictures seem to be scarce in the media where we are fed skinny, blue eyed blonde images all the time.

photo 2What is definitely present in the book is a sense of transformation. From Calabasas girl to Kardashian Empire. You have to give credit to the momager who by her own words said ‘I had to make 5 minutes fame into thirty’.

Anybody obsessed with Kim, Make-up and Hair will love this book.


You can buy Selfish by Kim Kardashian here.