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How to use The Power of Now as a writer

The Power of Now by Echart Tolle is the ultimate book about spiritual enlightenment everyone must read once in their lives Useful to anyone who is curious about spirituality, the ego, the mind and purpose. The Power of Now will awaken and shake you to the core. Not an easy read as it will get your mind thinking, it is set out like a handbook with a series of questions and answers. A thought-provoking book that challenges the way you think. Creatives and writers I think will get a lot out of this book, after all, resistance is a creation of the mind. I was slow to read The Power of Now but […]

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How to start writing again after a long hiatus

How to start writing again after a long hiatus | Nicole Cappelleri

One of the worst years of my life has been 2017. Why? I totally stopped writing and blogging. Well, I can put 2016 in that bucket too and I even vowed to turn things around during my last yearly review but procrastination, business diversions and the black dog got the better of me.  I would say I’ve had long hiatus from writing and, I don’t like it.   I like to think the cause of my depression are many little complications and big problems like my day job but probably a big part of it was I switched off the creative tap. The outlet that I enjoyed so much, my […]

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Instagram for writers

Writers tend to fall into two categories when it comes to social media. They either hate it or they love it. Instagram in recent years has completely taken off with 600 million active users worldwide! But I don’t blame writers who think Instagram is not for them. After all, writing a novel on a computer isn’t very interesting or glamorous to look at. However,  with so many users and our readers being on Instagram, it’s a social media platform worth exploring and If we’re serious about getting our books and author brands out in the world, Instagram is something we should be on! If you feel lost, daunted and have no idea […]

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Why Amazon is going to be good for Aussie Indies

Amazon is coming to Australia! Finally! Well, actually we always had access to Amazon but it always cost too much to ship anything over down under so it wasn’t really worth it. We Aussie’s tend to be a protected and set-in-our-ways kind of bunch too. We like our shopping centers and online stores with free shipping and we accept $25 books at the airport are just the norm here. But maybe things are about to change…. With this new and predictable news that has been a long time coming, many people seem to be divided. Retailers are apparently bracing themselves while consumers are waiting to open their wallets. For the rest of us […]

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