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Creativity And Entrepreneurship: Lessons Learned

I just read a great post by Joanna Penn on one of my favourite Indie Blog’s The Creative Penn. The post was a reflection on turning forty, something that is a few years off for me but it definitely got me thinking about how far I have also come in the last few years. Joanna has some great tips and you can read the full article here. I wanted to also share what I have learned in the last few years in the hope it might help you too: START NOW I wanted to start a blog for two years before I actually took the plunge. Then it took me […]

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How to Market a Book like a Kardashian

Marketing for an Indie Author is what Ryan Searcrest was to the Kardashians. Without it our books and ideas just wouldn’t get out into the world. When Ryan Seacrest discovered the Kardashians who would have known they would become one of the most famous and successful families on reality T.V. I have to admit sometimes I watch Keeping up with Kardashians when it’s on E. When Kim is at NY Fashion week or has changed her hair, I confess I click on the story. I have watched their rise to fame and fortune since the first season. As an author this is the stuff of dreams. Of course we all want […]

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What I learnt from Write. Publish. Repeat.

I have been following Joanna Penn’s Blog The Creative Penn for a couple of years now so when she launched the Indie Author Power Pack: How to Write, Publish and market your book (3 Books for 99c), I jumped at the chance to buy it. One of the books was Write. Publish. Repeat: The No luck Required to Self-Publishing Success by Johnny B Truant, Sean Platt and David Wright. This is a book I had been hearing about for a while now. The guys who wrote it also have a podcast called The Self Publishing Podcast, so they know what the are talking about. They are really entertaining if you need a laugh […]

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