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Smashwords Annual Survey and going into 2016

Going into 2016, you probably have so many plans your brain is going to burst. Or maybe you just want to finish that one book you’ve been working on for years (I hear you!). If you’re thinking about self-publishing in 2016 Smashwords is the place to go if you want a platform to manage all your listings. The following Slideshare presentation is from a survey conducted by Smashwords earlier in the year. You might think that the below data collected by Smashwords is out of date but I think it’s still relevant and there are so many golden nuggets to take away so enjoy.   2015 Smashwords Survey – How to Sell […]

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2015 Annual Review

My First Annual Review is here! As I’m such a geek and a ‘thinker’ I can’t wait to get down to the nitty gritty of 2015. Overall the year has been a wild ride with its ups and downs. All are part of the creative process and the creative life. I’m going to be looking at everything from books, blogging, content, self-publishing, social media and everything in-between. Here were my Writing and Creative Goals for 2015. WHAT WENT WELL IN 2015 My 2015 theme was ‘shipping’ and the second half of the year, it really clicked how important it is to finish things and get them out into the world. I self-published […]

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Why I’m dropping my Pen Name

The last year or two has been a complete whirlwind. I never thought my writing, books and blog would get any eyeballs. I thought everything would disappear into oblivion. Sure I’m not selling hundreds of thousands of books but I feel like things are slowly moving forward towards my goals. So anyway I’ve been thinking for a while now of changing everything into my real name, Nicole Cappelleri. My reasons for putting everything in N.C Harley were because of privacy (I was a little shy) and I thought my real name was too long and complicated to spell. So I’ve decided I’m slowly changing everything over. Who knows maybe my […]

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Play the Game, Know the Score

What is the game of ‘Writer’? Learning the craft, reading, blogging, building an audience, building a subscriber list? Working Actively towards your goals with Patience, working consistently, having a long term view, growing and evolving. The Game is probably all of the above and more. Complicated, simple and yet different for everyone. And just when you thought you were two steps forward, you’re three steps back. The Game pauses and waits for us for when we get back to it. We fall down ladders, skip ahead, cheat, steal, win, lose. Still we have to play The Game. Amor Fati – Love your Fate It’s all necessary and part of The Game. […]

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