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What do you want to do with your life?

What happened in Paris on Friday night was one of the most horrific things I’ve seen. Horrifying for the people involved but also terrifying as any one of us can be targeted anytime anywhere. I don’t want to get political or take away from the victims but one thing I have released is this…. Life is short and I don’t want to spend it doing things I’m not passionate about. I value freedom and creative work and thats the life I want to pursue. So I throw the baton to you….. What do you really want to do with your life? If it is to write or just write one […]

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Overcoming the 10 Biggest Obstacles to Creating

Every day I struggle with the resistance to writing, and every day I lose the struggle … but then I beat the struggle. I lose more often than I win, but I win every day. And that’s what matters. Because we can’t get rid of the resistance to create — whether that’s creating art, starting a business, or writing. The resistance will always come up … but we have to learn how to overcome it, to work with it. Do you face this resistance, and struggle with procrastination? Do you want to create daily, but face difficulty finding focus and fighting off distractions? Let’s talk about creating that habit, and […]

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Procrastination is not your enemy and here’s why

Procrastination seems to be every writers or creatives biggest enemy. Everyone talks about it. Writers blog about it. Endless books have been written about the subject. It’s considered widely to be the evil we need to get rid of now or in 30 days. I happen to disagree. It’s not evil and it is in fact part of the creative process. It has taken me years to accept procrastination. It’s usually my down time. My lead up to doing important work and its also sometimes the cool off and reward for hitting a word count or doing some dreaded admin task. Thinking you can beat procrastination is wrong! You have to play a […]

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Why I don’t care about money (at the moment)

In my family I constantly get asked that annoying question ‘When are you going to make some money?’ and my answer is usually ‘Soon. I’m trying to create a backlist first.’ or ‘I’m trying to create a long term career and build up my subscribers.’. I even give the ‘I’m waiting to finish my fiction book.’ answer. All these answers are true of course. They are not empty answers I say to get my family off my back. I don’t really care about money at the moment. Sure I have made a little money from coaching and my books but not enough to say ‘I’m making a living from my writing!’. When that […]

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