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Worried about what you’re not doing by Leo Babauta

Right now I’m sitting here anxious. The job market is tough in Australia (I got made redundant at a bank). My books and business are not at that stage where I’m earning enough to survive. I feel constantly that I’m not writing or creating enough. In my head things seem really bad but really I’m extremely lucky in so many ways. This morning I opened my inbox and read a very poignant post by the master at Zen Habits. Here it is: Ps: Sign up for Leo’s weekly wisdom if you haven’t already done so. Worried About What You’re Not Doing Posted: 30 Jul 2015 09:26 AM PDT By Leo […]

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5 Top Tips on being a more resilient writer

Resilience is by far one of the most important factors in a successful writers career. We’ve all heard the rejection stories of famous writers and wondered how on earth did they go on? How does one become a more resilient writer? Years ago I went to a Resilience Workshop. Work paid for it and it was bliss. Two days of learning about the mind, the importance of health and I enjoyed seeing the teacher hook himself up to his laptop to show us the benefits of meditation. I watched the graph get steady as he slowly reduced his heart rate. Years later the principles still ring true and now that I’m […]

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Don’t Judge Just Create

I heard some amazing wisdom by James Clear on the Self Publishing Success Summit. The interviews are free to watch for 72 Hours so if you want to watch them better be quick. James Clear (Bio Below) who I only just discovered on the summit said something that really struck me (This answer was to a question by Chandler Bolt who asked about overcoming self doubt and judgement): Your only job is to be creator. You are not here to judge your work, obsess over it and decide wether or not it’s good enough. And he went on…. You have something inside of you nobody else has; a collection of experiences, vision and ideas that you have to share […]

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Tips on Finding a Writing Mentor

The best thing I ever did was get a writing mentor. In fact I believe it is so important I think it will set you apart from the masses of writers and Indie authors now out there. The advantages of having a writing a mentor are numerous and can span plotting, structure, characterisation, motivation and sometimes they are just a shoulder to cry on when the going gets tough. They can also help you push yourself and make you accountable. In 2011 I was tearing my hair out. I felt lost. I took a year off to write and I was stuck and nothing was coming out. I sent off an […]

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