Author Mindset

balancing consumption and creation

Balancing consumption and creation is the single most hardest thing to do if you are writing a book or trying to complete some creative endeavour. When you embark on a writing project you instantly feel the need to research or get information. Like getting armour before you go into battle but the battle is always postponed for another day as we keep accumulating armour until the pain is unbearable and we have to go on the field. This pain is avoidable and should be avoided at all costs. The trick is to manage the consumption so it doesn’t get in the way of creation. I’m a total News Junkie and everyday […]

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Books as Assets or Mini Businesses

Books should be seen as Assets and Mini businesses. If you want to write that one book, stop reading now. I mean its perfectly possible that you write that one book, you get a book deal or self-publish and it becomes a bestseller and you are set for life. This scenario is like winning the lottery. Most likely you will have to build wealth slowly though your books. So If you want to be an Author who wants to build a business around your books, keep reading. I follow allot of Indie authors and they all say the same thing. Treat every book you write like a mini business. It’s […]

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How to Harness Momentum to Write More

I love writing when its all flowing. It’s like someone has taken over my body and the satisfaction afterwards is what I live for. Some people call it flow or being in the zone and if you could bottle it up and sell it you would be a billionaire. Another phrase that I think describes this force is Momentum. It’s not mysterious and it doesn’t require a seance to conjure up this force but it is powerful and the key to true productivity. Momentum came to me in a Podcast I was listening to. James Altucher’s Podcast is a must if you ant to build a business, write or create something meaningful in your life. Yesterday I […]

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How to Create a Book Series

                              Have you noticed every young adult movie these days came from a series of novels and Hollywood seems to rebooting every successful series and franchises there was. There are many reasons a writer may opt for this choice. The first is obvious. It was how their ‘art’ was evolving and it was just how the story was meant to be told. This reason is noble. The other more common reason everybody is writing a series, is to create a sales funnel. You know the ones. The first book is amazing and it’s free on Amazon and […]

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