Canva for Bloggers

I discovered Canva while listening to the podcast So You Wanna Be a Writer. If you haven’t discovered Valerie Koo and Allison Tait’s podcast I highly recommend it. It is on iTunes new and notable podcasts. Every time I listen to their podcast I seem to always have to go to the podcast notes to click on the links of all the new things they have found. Canva is the simplest design program I have ever used and I’m studying graphic design

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1. There is no phone number for WordPress I get it. There are millions of people with WordPress Blogs and its just not logical to have a hotline for technical help but going through forum after forum from 2011 is not fun. Solution: Post a Question, don’t make it public and wait for the WordPress Staff to respond. Better Solution: Outsource the blog on oDesk. 2. There is and and yes they are different Ah yes there is a and, confused? You can find out the difference here but I had to learn this hard way and transfer my blog over to and Id decided […]

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