2016 Creative and Writing Goals

It’s that time of year again. After critiquing and assessing 2015 I’ve been thinking about the year ahead. I want 2016 to be a huge year. So here are my 2016 Creative and Writing Goals: 2016 Theme: Done is Better than Perfect.   Books to Complete: Kids workbook. At least 1. Adult Coloring Book. Finish Confessions of a Comperholic. Finish Active Affirmations. 2 X Novellas 2 X Adventure Thrillers. Writing: Write at least 500 words EVERY DAY. Write even when I don’t feel like it. Improve grammar and punctuation. Marketing and Sales: Master tracking pixels and Facebook ads. Master ROI on FB ads. Increase subscriber list by 5000 people. Sell 3000 books […]

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Happy Author Day!

The 1st of November is National Author Day! OK so it’s an American Tradition but I’m going to celebrate it regardless! Celebrate and read a book today or start that book you have always wanted to write. One year from now when its National Author Day 2016 you are going to wish you started writing that book today! Here are some other ideas on how to celebrate National Author Day: Purchase a book at a bookstore. What better way to celebrate than to support a local bookstore and your favourite author. Spread the word on Social Media. Send a thank you email to your favourite Author. Write. Write. Write. Start a […]

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My Latest Book to Help You Generate Ideas

Exciting News Alert. I have a new book out and it’s perfect if you are struggling with the following: Do you want to be more creative? Do you want to create compelling stories? Come up with amazing Ideas? And create a habit of generating ideas all in with one notebook? This book is for you! I’m currently experimenting with print books and my latest workbook 10 Ideas a Day: A Notebook for your Ideas is now available on Amazon. The best part is I’m on track to completing my goals for 2015. Really hope you enjoy it and stick with the habit. Here’s the full description from Amazon: BECOME AN […]

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How to find the right writing system that works for you

We all wish we had the luxury of time on our side. To be able to spend a full day, weekend or week writing. Oh the bliss! But lets face it most of us don’t have allot of time. We need to steal an hour here or there to write and pursue our dreams. Some of us have less than an hour and have to find the minutes in between the hours. But one thing is for sure: Finding the right system that works for you is critical.  It’s critical because not only is quantity of time important but also how we spend it. Are we actually productive when we […]

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