The writers shame and how to overcome it

I know this post will resonate with allot people out there and I was one of those people who was deathly ashamed of wanting to be a working creative or god forbid a……..writer. I wanted it to be my real profession, making a real living but I was so ashamed of it. I couldn’t even admit it to myself. I didn’t know why but Ideas were coming through me and I knew I had to give them life. It might be one person or it might be to 20 people on your fist blog or thousands on Facebook. But part of giving a story life is showing your work and it terrified me. When […]

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How to build an email list the easy way (Part 1.)

An email list is an absolute must for any writer or indie-author. This post is for people who are just getting started with their author platform or don’t have a large email list and the writers who want to make a living and have a long career. The illusive email list is what every blogger or marketing guru talks about it constantly but nobody gives you an actual strategy on how to build one. Here I will give you some quick ways to build your list. There are two main ways readers will find you and sign up to your list. Either a book you wrote and is published (preferably self-published […]

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2015 End of Financial Year Review

I thought I should do an review of my creative/writing goals since we are half way through the year and at the end of the financial year in Australia. Here is my Writing and Creative goals for 2015 post from January. Overall I’m happy with the last year but since I’m always a little ambitious with my goals I cant help but feel a little disappointed. Book Writing 5/10 This is the area I’m most disappointed with. Active Patience seemed to flow right out of me but the other books in the series haven’t been as nice to me. So I will keep trying. Also I thought by now my fiction novel would be ready […]

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Everything is Hopeless and I’m not OK. Questions to ask yourself before you give up.

I hit a trough earlier in the week. I know its part of the gig. Its normal. It happens. It’s part of our cosmic contract of being on Earth. I was trying to get back into my Fiction writing after a long hiatus of non-fiction and blog posts. The scrivener file is 85,000 words and sufficient for a decent novel but it still needs a allot work. So I had a day off and decided to dedicate myself. No distractions. Just get all fictiony. The trough continued and I spiralled downhill and then those questions of ‘Maybe I’m out of my league here?’ and ‘Maybe I should give up?’. I was […]

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