Interview with Author Sydney Smith

Sydney Smith is a published author with 25 years of experience in the publishing business! In my interview I give Sydney My Ten Questions and her insights are invaluable. Sydney’s wisdom is published weekly on her website Sydney Smith Writes. Full Disclosure: Sydney Smith is my writing mentor and totally transformed and turned my life around. Here’s Sydney’s Bio: Sydney Smith is a writing mentor, teacher and author of short stories, essays, and The Lost Woman, a memoir of survival. Sydney’s latest book The Architecture of Narrative about how to plot and structure fiction is out now.     Describe yourself in 3 words? Writer, creator, passionate. What is your life […]

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Ten Reasons why you are amazing

You know you need to hear it every now and then. I’m going to be the good angel, cheerleader and creative coach for a minute here. Stop beating yourself all the time and pat yourself on the back. And you know it’s all true so here are ten reasons you are amazing: You have dreams and you’re going after them. Allot of people don’t take action. You’ve made some kind of commitment to yourself. I’m sure you have said to yourself ‘I’m going to write that book’ or ‘I’m going to write 500 words a week.’ You’ve realised you were created to create. You read blogs (like this one :>) which makes you in the […]

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The A – Z of Writing and Everything in Between

What do you get when you combine Graphic Design Lettering and a post on writing? An A to Z guide of writing with some cool arty letters. Hope you all enjoy!   is for AUTHOR. A title writers in the past would spend their entire lives to achieve. Now what amazing times we live in that anybody can get their work out into the world.   is for BLOGGING An author platform with a blog is an absolute must. I know there is an argument for and against but I think the consensus that you need a blog. It helps drive traffic to your site and gives your readers value. Also publishers want to see your […]

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Worried about what you’re not doing by Leo Babauta

Right now I’m sitting here anxious. The job market is tough in Australia (I got made redundant at a bank). My books and business are not at that stage where I’m earning enough to survive. I feel constantly that I’m not writing or creating enough. In my head things seem really bad but really I’m extremely lucky in so many ways. This morning I opened my inbox and read a very poignant post by the master at Zen Habits. Here it is: Ps: Sign up for Leo’s weekly wisdom if you haven’t already done so. Worried About What You’re Not Doing Posted: 30 Jul 2015 09:26 AM PDT By Leo […]

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