5 Things that are Inspiring me right now

The Bank Page can be scary which is why we need to fill the creative well constantly. So I thought I would write a ‘My favourite things’ post of things that are inspiring me because at the moment I’ve been going through a creative high. I’m totally engrossed in a new project that is highly artistic and top secret but I’m bursting at the seams. Here’s what’s inspiring me at the moment: GET SHIT DONE NOTEBOOKS I love these notebooks by MI GOALS and they also have Bucket List Notebooks too. Let’s face it we all have shit we need to get done and you can never have too many […]

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Why I don’t care about money (at the moment)

In my family I constantly get asked that annoying question ‘When are you going to make some money?’ and my answer is usually ‘Soon. I’m trying to create a backlist first.’ or ‘I’m trying to create a long term career and build up my subscribers.’. I even give the ‘I’m waiting to finish my fiction book.’ answer. All these answers are true of course. They are not empty answers I say to get my family off my back. I don’t really care about money at the moment. Sure I have made a little money from coaching and my books but not enough to say ‘I’m making a living from my writing!’. When that […]

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The writers shame and how to overcome it

I know this post will resonate with allot people out there and I was one of those people who was deathly ashamed of wanting to be a working creative or god forbid a……..writer. I wanted it to be my real profession, making a real living but I was so ashamed of it. I couldn’t even admit it to myself. I didn’t know why but Ideas were coming through me and I knew I had to give them life. It might be one person or it might be to 20 people on your fist blog or thousands on Facebook. But part of giving a story life is showing your work and it terrified me. When […]

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When you want to quit writing

Last week I wanted to quit writing. I decided I was over it. I was sick of the roller-coaster ride of emotions. The roller-coaster wasn’t fun anymore. I wasn’t sure if it ever was fun but I was done. It was allot of things. Not being productive, the grammar police had destroyed a post of mine, emails from haters and I think just restlessness. It sounds silly but I had been reflecting on time and how fast it’s passing. Being a thinker and feeler, I was stuck in my head over analysing everything. I was past paralysis analyses, I just wanted to quit. I thought about my uncomplicated quite life […]

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