Writing with Dogs and other pets

My staffy Bonnie is like my child and I know only people with dogs or a pet can relate but sometimes I feel it’s damn hard to write when you have a dog. I’ve also heard Staffordshire terriers are very needy and get abandoned allot because of this. Bonnie can also use her teddy bear look to get what she wants when she wants it! So here is my survival guide to writing when you have those loveable distractions nudging you for food or a walk. Enjoy: Ignore the Guilt. It’s hard. You want to cuddle them and give them another treat but resist.  Try to escape when writing. The more deeper […]

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4 Things I’m loving right now: Crystal Bookends, Hampton’s Houses….

I tend to be a negative nelly sometimes which is why I need to remind myself of the things I love. Below are 4 things that have brought me some happiness lately: My new photography pack from The Creative Market: I bought another bundle that was super cheap and this photo pack from Stocksy was included. I absolutely love it! Now I just need a few blog posts to use them for.   Hampton’s Day Dreaming…… I know its silly but daydreaming for me is a good distraction and reading the latest Vogue Living or Belle fulfils my inner design obsession and I’m just loving the Hampton’s style at the moment. To see […]

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12 Ways to Embrace Growing as a Writer

Recently I had to admit something to myself I didn’t want to. I had grown out of the genre my fiction book is classified in. I had been tip-toeing around this issue for a while. Why? Because I’m not a quitter and I didn’t want to drop the project after so many years of writing it! At times I had felt it was a monster. Constantly on my mind. You know when a project just can’t get out of your head and the more you don’t work on it the more it pulsates. So I’ve been writing this chick lit novel now for 4 years on and off part time. I read […]

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Tap into your Weirdness

Image found on Stop looking outside and start looking within. Who gives a toot about what other people think. Stop trying to impress others. Stop trying to be someone your not. Write the book you want to read and not the book you ought to write. Ignorance is often underrated. Everyday we are surrounded by boundaries and rules or how something should be done. The greatest reward in your work will come, when the work itself comes from your core. This is when it surprises and delights. The most rewarding moments I have had with my work is when I thought ‘Where did that come from?’ or ‘Thats not […]

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