Everything is Hopeless and I’m not OK. Questions to ask yourself before you give up.

I hit a trough earlier in the week. I know its part of the gig. Its normal. It happens. It’s part of our cosmic contract of being on Earth. I was trying to get back into my Fiction writing after a long hiatus of non-fiction and blog posts. The scrivener file is 85,000 words and sufficient for a decent novel but it still needs a allot work. So I had a day off and decided to dedicate myself. No distractions. Just get all fictiony. The trough continued and I spiralled downhill and then those questions of ‘Maybe I’m out of my league here?’ and ‘Maybe I should give up?’. I was […]

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The Time When We’ll Be Present & Content

   The Time When We’ll Be Present & Content Just thought I would share this blog post by Zen Habits today. The original post is here. I found it very true as I have too put things on hold for ‘right’ time. Hope you enjoy! By Leo Babauta Today, I only have questions. We’re striving for happiness and contentment, but when will we be there? I think we often see a time in the future when things will be better — we’ll have a better relationship, job, house, health situation, financial situation, and more. But when will that day come? What’s stopping us from being content right now? What’s stopping us […]

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Why Resistance Increases Once You Publish

Nobody every tells you it gets harder once you publish. Resistance actually increases once you hit that publish button. In the War of Art by Steven Pressfield he advices once you finish your first book, start the next one. Steve Scott who writes short non-fiction and makes six figures every month also advises once are finished and waiting for your editor to get back to you, start the next one. I agree with both but it is often easier said than done and nobody ever tells you it doesn’t really get any easier.I don’t know how I will feel by the 10th book if I make it that far but I definitely […]

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An American in Paris – A Solopreneur Interview

 If you’ve ever thought of breaking away from your cubicle, working on the road or just from home. This Interview is for you! I found this Interview on Career Style Notes which was started by Mary Goldsmith who is an amazing career consultant. I have personally worked with Mary and signed up for her VIP mailing list this year. You can find out more about Mary here. Katherine Levasseur is a Designer and Businesswoman who now lives in Paris. Yes I know! Take a deep breath. Mary asked Katherine about her career journey and experience as a solopreneur. You can read the full interview here.   Check out Katherine’s site Madam Levasseur here and her Etsy Store. Here […]

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