12 Inspiring Quotes by Seth Godin

Seth Godin’s writing and ideas have been like a force and a movement on the internet. I have one of his quotes pinned on my vision board in front of my desk. One of his mantra’s is ‘just ship’ which I love because done is better than perfect! He’s big on getting your ideas and work out there because we are always running away and trying to get off the hook but once we know we are on the hook; exposed, watched, accountable, judged, we are alive. Recently I singed up for Seth’s Freelancer Course on Udemy. I highly recommend it and it’s completely affordable at US$50. You can find out […]

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5 Steps to Silence your Inner Critic

“If you hear a voice within you say “you cannot paint,” then by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced.” – Vincent van Gogh Silencing your inner critic can be the most liberating way to get writing productively and in a routine. As creatives and writers we often lack confidence and a million other attributes. That inner critic just seems to get in the way. Its a minefield to write something or anything. The odds seem stacked up against us or are they? This is my inner critic talking of course. He’s always a little negative but I just push him aside most of the time. So if your inner critic always seems […]

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Everything is Hopeless and I’m not OK. Questions to ask yourself before you give up.

I hit a trough earlier in the week. I know its part of the gig. Its normal. It happens. It’s part of our cosmic contract of being on Earth. I was trying to get back into my Fiction writing after a long hiatus of non-fiction and blog posts. The scrivener file is 85,000 words and sufficient for a decent novel but it still needs a allot work. So I had a day off and decided to dedicate myself. No distractions. Just get all fictiony. The trough continued and I spiralled downhill and then those questions of ‘Maybe I’m out of my league here?’ and ‘Maybe I should give up?’. I was […]

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Interview with Allison Tait!

This week I have an interview with the lovely and gracious Allison Tait! Allison is an Australian freelance writer, author and blogger. I discovered Allison on the Podcast So you want to be a Writer. Its an amazing resource you have to listen to on your daily commute. Allison has been writing for 20+ years and is an amazing inspiration. Allison’s latest book The Mapmaker Chronicles: Race To The End Of The World has been shortlisted for the Readings Children’s Book Prize 2015 You can learn more about Allison at her blog There are some golden nuggets of wisdom below so enjoy!     Describe yourself in 3 words? Writer, Mother, Tired. […]

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