Why Resistance Increases Once You Publish

Nobody every tells you it gets harder once you publish. Resistance actually increases once you hit that publish button. In the War of Art by Steven Pressfield he advices once you finish your first book, start the next one. Steve Scott who writes short non-fiction and makes six figures every month also advises once are finished and waiting for your editor to get back to you, start the next one. I agree with both but it is often easier said than done and nobody ever tells you it doesn’t really get any easier.I don’t know how I will feel by the 10th book if I make it that far but I definitely […]

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How to Harness Momentum to Write More

I love writing when its all flowing. It’s like someone has taken over my body and the satisfaction afterwards is what I live for. Some people call it flow or being in the zone and if you could bottle it up and sell it you would be a billionaire. Another phrase that I think describes this force is Momentum. It’s not mysterious and it doesn’t require a seance to conjure up this force but it is powerful and the key to true productivity. Momentum came to me in a Podcast I was listening to. James Altucher’s Podcast is a must if you ant to build a business, write or create something meaningful in your life. Yesterday I […]

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Easter Blues

OK so this Easter I have been in a little bit of a funk. I had the Easter Blues. It wasn’t because of pending family gatherings and barbecues but by Monday I was feeling really down. I went into the long weekend with so many goals and I promised myself I was going to be more productive than ever! I know high expectations. Just a little. If you have read my book Active Patience you will know I’m a little prone to Perfectionism and I also decided I’m going to redesign my Blog Logo…….eh I know sigh. I have actually been meaning to redesign it for a while now but I […]

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How to be a Writing Machine in 2015

Most writers I know seem to face the same problems. We all want to write and we want to write allot. We all want to use our time efficiently while we are on this planet. And guess what, we have all been given another chance. 2015 can be your Life Version 23 or whatever number. This is your second chance or 23rd but who cares. We get to give it another go. If you want to become a writing machine, the writing muscle is going to have to be used and built up on a regular basis. The more you use it the easier it gets tomorrow and the next day. If […]

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