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5 Perfect Businesses for Writers

So you want to be a writer and you want to write full time. No problem! Right? Making a living as a full time writer can often be as elusive as winning the lottery. Let’s face it, most writers will never make a living with their writing. But what if you had multiple streams of income to support your writing. You would probably be OK and be able to pay for your bills comfortably and focus on your writing and books. Here are few ideas to get your side hustle on so you can concentrate on what you really want and write. Dropshipping  What if I told you, you could start a […]

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Book Review: Selfish by Kim Kardashian

I decided to write a book review of Selfish by Kim Kardashian when my sister (a die hard fan) brought it from our local book shop. I confess I watch the Kardashians but it was my sister who wanted to buy her book so here’s what I encountered when I looked at it. I say ‘looked’ at it because there is maybe 2 paragraphs of actual text in the book. It’s full of pictures of Kim or should I say ‘Selfies’ and I will try and keep it as positive as I can. I think sometimes we are often too harsh and critical of these of these famous creatures. The book starts […]

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100 Twitter Hashtags for Writers!

I know its a pain to have to think of a hashtag whenever you tweet something like a bog post or your Book thats now free on Amazon so here is an easy to refer to list of 100 Twitter Hashtags for writers! Before you start thinking do I really need to put hashtags in everything? You don’t have to but you should! says it perfectly: Hashtags allow you to find new readers, connect with other writers who share your interests and to find out about new opportunities such as writing competitions. They can also help to raise your writing profile to attract interest from publishers and editors. Heres the list […]

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10 Author Platform Examples

We all know we need to be creating this ‘Author Platform’ but what makes a good one anyway? I personally like to work by examples and see what other people are doing. Here are ten websites that do their authors justice. If you know any others I would love to know in the comments. 1. Jane Friedman I always seem to stumble on Jane’s blog. I think she comes up allot in curated content from other blogs. Why I like it? Simple and straight forward design. I like at the top how there is two options, ‘Hire Jane’ and the email icon. There is also a static menu bar that doesn’t […]

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