My Latest Book to Help You Generate Ideas

Exciting News Alert. I have a new book out and it’s perfect if you are struggling with the following: Do you want to be more creative? Do you want to create compelling stories? Come up with amazing Ideas? And create a habit of generating ideas all in with one notebook? This book is for you! I’m currently experimenting with print books and my latest workbook 10 Ideas a Day: A Notebook for your Ideas is now available on Amazon. The best part is I’m on track to completing my goals for 2015. Really hope you enjoy it and stick with the habit. Here’s the full description from Amazon: BECOME AN […]

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How to find the right writing system that works for you

We all wish we had the luxury of time on our side. To be able to spend a full day, weekend or week writing. Oh the bliss! But lets face it most of us don’t have allot of time. We need to steal an hour here or there to write and pursue our dreams. Some of us have less than an hour and have to find the minutes in between the hours. But one thing is for sure: Finding the right system that works for you is critical.  It’s critical because not only is quantity of time important but also how we spend it. Are we actually productive when we […]

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The only writing tool you need

A few years ago I discovered the only writing tool you really need if you want to write. It is the #1 recommended tool for writers and indie authors. Everyone mentions it and it’s so cheap relative to what you get. Before this tool I was working with a massive word document for my book and multiple word documents for research and book ideas. Now there’s nothing wrong with Word it’s just writing a book that is 100,000 words or a non-fiction book with multiple parts can get very messy and we wan’t to be serious writers right? We want to professional right? So what’s the tool? Drum roll…. Scrivener    […]

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Why it’s OK to Change your Environment to Write

Don’t listen to the experts who say you should be able to write anywhere under any conditions in any environment. You need to change your environment for optimal activity. If something isn’t working you change it. We’ve all heard of the stories of writers who wrote under extreme conditions and we feel we need to also sacrifice and just put up with it. Stick it out for god’s sake. But why shouldn’t we try and put the odds in our favour if we can?   If there is something holding you back like a proper desk, your own space or ergonomic chair so you can write by all means get that […]

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