Self Publishing

Don’t Judge Just Create

I heard some amazing wisdom by James Clear on the Self Publishing Success Summit. The interviews are free to watch for 72 Hours so if you want to watch them better be quick. James Clear (Bio Below) who I only just discovered on the summit said something that really struck me (This answer was to a question by Chandler Bolt who asked about overcoming self doubt and judgement): Your only job is to be creator. You are not here to judge your work, obsess over it and decide wether or not it’s good enough. And he went on…. You have something inside of you nobody else has; a collection of experiences, vision and ideas that you have to share […]

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Pros and Cons of going Indie

It’s an important decision for a writer. The book is on its way or finished and you just don’t know what to do! Do you self publish or try and get a book deal with a publisher? To go Indie or not, that is the question. First a warning. I’m slightly biased and have had only the Indie experience but I listen to allot of podcasts and read allot of blogs on this subject so here is my take: Pro’s of being an Indie Author: Control: You have full creative control of your product/book. You call the shots when it comes to the words, title and cover. No fighting or surrendering with […]

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How to Create a Book Series

                              Have you noticed every young adult movie these days came from a series of novels and Hollywood seems to rebooting every successful series and franchises there was. There are many reasons a writer may opt for this choice. The first is obvious. It was how their ‘art’ was evolving and it was just how the story was meant to be told. This reason is noble. The other more common reason everybody is writing a series, is to create a sales funnel. You know the ones. The first book is amazing and it’s free on Amazon and […]

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Amazing News! I just loaded my book on Smashwords and set it to FREE! It’s a short non-fiction read perfect over the Easter Break. Active Patience is now FREE on the Apple iBook Store, Kobo, Sony, Scribd, Barnes and Noble plus more. Will keep you posted when it goes free on Amazon.   Remember to leave a review! I know we Indie Authors always harp on about reviews but we really really need them!  

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