The writers shame and how to overcome it

I know this post will resonate with allot people out there and I was one of those people who was deathly ashamed of wanting to be a working creative or god forbid a……..writer. I wanted it to be my real profession, making a real living but I was so ashamed of it. I couldn’t even admit it to myself. I didn’t know why but Ideas were coming through me and I knew I had to give them life. It might be one person or it might be to 20 people on your fist blog or thousands on Facebook. But part of giving a story life is showing your work and it terrified me. When […]

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Interview with Author Sydney Smith

Sydney Smith is a published author with 25 years of experience in the publishing business! In my interview I give Sydney My Ten Questions and her insights are invaluable. Sydney’s wisdom is published weekly on her website Sydney Smith Writes. Full Disclosure: Sydney Smith is my writing mentor and totally transformed and turned my life around. Here’s Sydney’s Bio: Sydney Smith is a writing mentor, teacher and author of short stories, essays, and The Lost Woman, a memoir of survival. Sydney’s latest book The Architecture of Narrative about how to plot and structure fiction is out now.     Describe yourself in 3 words? Writer, creator, passionate. What is your life […]

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The A – Z of Writing and Everything in Between

What do you get when you combine Graphic Design Lettering and a post on writing? An A to Z guide of writing with some cool arty letters. Hope you all enjoy!   is for AUTHOR. A title writers in the past would spend their entire lives to achieve. Now what amazing times we live in that anybody can get their work out into the world.   is for BLOGGING An author platform with a blog is an absolute must. I know there is an argument for and against but I think the consensus that you need a blog. It helps drive traffic to your site and gives your readers value. Also publishers want to see your […]

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The only writing tool you need

A few years ago I discovered the only writing tool you really need if you want to write. It is the #1 recommended tool for writers and indie authors. Everyone mentions it and it’s so cheap relative to what you get. Before this tool I was working with a massive word document for my book and multiple word documents for research and book ideas. Now there’s nothing wrong with Word it’s just writing a book that is 100,000 words or a non-fiction book with multiple parts can get very messy and we wan’t to be serious writers right? We want to professional right? So what’s the tool? Drum roll…. Scrivener    […]

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