When you want to quit writing

Last week I wanted to quit writing. I decided I was over it. I was sick of the roller-coaster ride of emotions. The roller-coaster wasn’t fun anymore. I wasn’t sure if it ever was fun but I was done. It was allot of things. Not being productive, the grammar police had destroyed a post of mine, emails from haters and I think just restlessness. It sounds silly but I had been reflecting on time and how fast it’s passing. Being a thinker and feeler, I was stuck in my head over analysing everything. I was past paralysis analyses, I just wanted to quit. I thought about my uncomplicated quite life […]

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Don’t Judge Just Create

I heard some amazing wisdom by James Clear on the Self Publishing Success Summit. The interviews are free to watch for 72 Hours so if you want to watch them better be quick. James Clear (Bio Below) who I only just discovered on the summit said something that really struck me (This answer was to a question by Chandler Bolt who asked about overcoming self doubt and judgement): Your only job is to be creator. You are not here to judge your work, obsess over it and decide wether or not it’s good enough. And he went on…. You have something inside of you nobody else has; a collection of experiences, vision and ideas that you have to share […]

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Tips on Finding a Writing Mentor

The best thing I ever did was get a writing mentor. In fact I believe it is so important I think it will set you apart from the masses of writers and Indie authors now out there. The advantages of having a writing a mentor are numerous and can span plotting, structure, characterisation, motivation and sometimes they are just a shoulder to cry on when the going gets tough. They can also help you push yourself and make you accountable. In 2011 I was tearing my hair out. I felt lost. I took a year off to write and I was stuck and nothing was coming out. I sent off an […]

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Writing with Dogs and other pets

My staffy Bonnie is like my child and I know only people with dogs or a pet can relate but sometimes I feel it’s damn hard to write when you have a dog. I’ve also heard Staffordshire terriers are very needy and get abandoned allot because of this. Bonnie can also use her teddy bear look to get what she wants when she wants it! So here is my survival guide to writing when you have those loveable distractions nudging you for food or a walk. Enjoy: Ignore the Guilt. It’s hard. You want to cuddle them and give them another treat but resist.  Try to escape when writing. The more deeper […]

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