Yes you can write a book and here’s the math to prove it.

We tend to overcomplicate things and when you want to write a book it can seem like an impossible task. The simple truth is this; it really is simple to write a book if you know the math. Why mathematics? Maths helps you break down a problem and when you break it down suddenly the possibilities appear. A short note on word counts: The average novel is 80,000 – 100,000 words. Novella’s 30,000 – 40,000. Now with self-publishing you really can write a book any length you want. I personally believe the trend is for shorter books. The eBook market on Amazon now counts for 30% of all book sales so […]

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5 Steps to Silence your Inner Critic

“If you hear a voice within you say “you cannot paint,” then by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced.” – Vincent van Gogh Silencing your inner critic can be the most liberating way to get writing productively and in a routine. As creatives and writers we often lack confidence and a million other attributes. That inner critic just seems to get in the way. Its a minefield to write something or anything. The odds seem stacked up against us or are they? This is my inner critic talking of course. He’s always a little negative but I just push him aside most of the time. So if your inner critic always seems […]

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The key elements of writing a book

I like to call books projects or writing projects. Not the school kind of project but more like a part of your life you are working on. Calling a book a project is I think the first step to realising your book is a living breathing entity. To live, breath and thrive the entity requires water, oxygen, fire, wind, time and space. They require all hands on deck. You have needs and the story has needs. The stakes are high for everyone. Below is I think the basic building blocks of such an entity. Water Ideas need to be nurtured. Creativity needs to be fed. Words need to accumulate on the page. Conflict […]

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Why it’s OK to Change your Environment to Write

Don’t listen to the experts who say you should be able to write anywhere under any conditions in any environment. You need to change your environment for optimal activity. If something isn’t working you change it. We’ve all heard of the stories of writers who wrote under extreme conditions and we feel we need to also sacrifice and just put up with it. Stick it out for god’s sake. But why shouldn’t we try and put the odds in our favour if we can?   If there is something holding you back like a proper desk, your own space or ergonomic chair so you can write by all means get that […]

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