Depression-and-the-writerI personally don’t think writers are any more susceptible to depression than anybody else in this world. Creative or not creative it can affect anybody, anytime, at different stages of our lives. After coming out of a recent mini black hole I decided to write about my own experience but the main reason was I haven’t written anything in over a month and what better way to get back into the swing of things than to write about the very thing that stopped me from writing in the first place.

Disclaimer: I’m not a psychologist. Depression is serious so please seek help if you need it. All thoughts below are my own and from my experience.

What I know for sure…

  • Just like the good times never last, the worst times never last either. It will pass. It may never completely go away but the worst parts do subside.
  • It doesn’t make sense. Sometimes there is no reason and other times there is a trigger but mostly depression show’s up out of the blue.
  • It will be back. History has shown me it will be returning at some point.
  • Depression is a puzzle and most of the time no amount of exercise and healthy eating will cure it.
  • If I’m not being creative and/or writing, I can get depressed and vice versa. But being creative has more positive benefits for me so I choose the creative way even when I make a detour.
  • Being selfish is good during these times. Binge watch Game of Thrones, take time out for yourself, get a massage, buy that coffee table book you always wanted and daydream about winning the lottery. Do it all.

What I hate…

  • Being emotional and on the edge of breaking into tears at any moment.
  • Feeling sorry myself and feeling like a late bloomer who isn’t where they should be in life.
  • You have to start all over again. When I’m knocked off my equilibrium, I tend to retreat and stop everything which means I have to start writing and being creative again at some point.
  • People telling me to snap out of it. I can’t snap out of it so don’t tell me to.
  • People telling me I’m negative. Things are never black and white. Negative or positive. Some things I feel positive about, others negative. But stop telling me I’m negative.

In my experience depression is something I will be living with for a long time to come. Every word I write gets me further out of the black hole and back on the path so here I am 400 words later.