Why-I-want-to-be-like-Joanna-PennOne of my virtual mentors is Joanna Penn and while it’s a little embarrassing to say, I want to be just like her. Over the years I’ve watched her rise to an authority in the Indie Author ranks, now turning over 6 figures a year in her business, Joanna is a total inspiration.

The Creative Penn

Joanna Penn from the Creative PennI discovered Joanna Penn from The Creative Penn in my cubicle around 2011. I can’t remember how I stumbled upon her website but I downloaded her Author 2.0 Blueprint and began reading it one weekend. This is when I discovered self-publishing and the penny dropped like a ton of bricks. You can self-publish a book? There’s a thing called print on demand? You can start your won business? There were people who were making a living from this? You don’t have to be miserable in a cubicle? I was shocked and I knew what path I needed to be on.

Publishing books seemed like the perfect business for me where I could use my passion for creativity and e-commerce. Five years later, not much has changed, I’m still passionate about self-publishing and creativity, Joanna is still my number one virtual mentor, the podcast I listen to straight when it hits my iPhone and my go to website for resources and information. So here are my eight reasons why I want to be like Joanna Penn:

  1. Joanna is killing it. Her business is now a six figure business with courses, books, affiliate income and I’m sure many more products!
  2. Joanna is a glass half full person. Joanna believes there’s enough readers to go around for everyone.
  3. Joanna is overwhelmingly positive about the future of self-publishing. Joanna believes we’re in the early stages of self-publishing with many international markets still untapped.
  4. Joanna is prolific. With more than 13 books under her belt, Joanna’s writing apprenticeship is well and truly over. According to her podcast, she writes every day, often late into the night.
  5. Joanna has connections. Mark Dawson, Nick Stephenson, Derek Murphy, The Write, Publish and Repeat Guys, just to name a few.
  6. Joann believes in continuous learning. Her passion for learning shines through on her Podcast. She’s always doing a course or has plans to do one even if its on the other side of the world.
  7. Joanna is a passionate creative who believes in Art and thus aligns her life accordingly.
  8. Joanna is brave. It takes guts to decide to be an author, give up a day job, secure income and start a business.

I’m still a work in process and even though allot of these things are lining up for me, I still have a long way to go. I still struggle with self-doubt, cash flow and sometimes just getting the work done. But one day I hope to be just like Joanna Penn.

Check out my Number 1. Recommended Book by Joanna Penn below:

Business for Authors: How to be an Author Entrepreneur

Business for Authors by Joanna Penn