I hit a trough earlier in the week. I know its part of the gig. Its normal. It happens. It’s part of our cosmic contract of being on Earth. I was trying to get back into my Fiction writing after a long hiatus of non-fiction and blog posts. The scrivener file is 85,000 words and sufficient for a decent novel but it still needs a allot work. So I had a day off and decided to dedicate myself. No distractions. Just get all fictiony. The trough continued and I spiralled downhill and then those questions of ‘Maybe I’m out of my league here?’ and ‘Maybe I should give up?’. I was expecting poofs of glitter to accumulate and ignite me, splashing out on to the page but it didn’t. So now I’m out of the funk and I wanted to share some questions you should ask yourself before you give up.

Has anybody died? Nope? OK Press on. If ‘Yes’ you have permission to be a in a funk.

Have you had chocolate today? If not or its been more than 24 hours, proceed slowly to the pantry.

When was the last time you had a glass of water? If you can’t remember, have a glass.

Have you had good decent meal lately? If not make a pasta or something you really enjoy.

Have you showered yet? If not, do so and get ready. Do your make-up and hair like its a normal workday.

When was the last time you bought something nice for yourself? If more than a couple of weeks ago, go out and get some retail therapy.

Are you sleepy and fatigued? If so, have a hot chocolate, get a blanket and have a nap.

Have you moved your body Intensely in the past 24 hours? If not do so, sometimes walking just doesn’t cut it.

Do you feel stagnant? Get something really small done right now and tick it off your mental to do list or your Kikki K Notepad.

Do you feel anxious? Put six drops of Rescue Remedy on your tongue, have a bath or go for a cheap massage in a shopping centre.

What do I have going for me right now? Two arms, two legs, 83,000 word mess, money in the bank. Probably more than most of the world.

When the sun goes down, go outside and ask yourself, Where am I? Your on a planet spinning through a Galaxy. Pretty cool huh?