buying-is-not-writing by ActivePatience.comOften the solution to many of our problems is to buy something to solve it. When we need to lose weight we buy a program, book or app to help us. Often we know what the answer is but we fall into the trap of buying another writing course, book, tool, app, conference or coach who we think can help us. Maybe this time it will be that secret weapon we needed all along. So we binge on buying products we never needed in the first place.

The worst part of going on a creative product binge is the aftermath. When those books get left on the shelf. To do lists that seem endless. Apps that never get used. Enthusiasm for a new course fades half way through when we’ve run out of data from watching all the videos.

Buying is not writing

I am totally guilty of going on many creative product binges.Today is the first day of February and I’ve already bought 2 online courses and 3 Books so far this year. Do you ever feel like you’re constantly buying things and not getting anywhere? I do all the time.

I keep thinking they will do me the world of good but they only add to my overloaded schedule and rob countless molecules of energy, molecules that were reserved and should of been allocated to writing.

Nobody ever solved a problem by going on a shopping spree or maybe they did?

Creative product binges can’t be totally avoided. Learning and education is part of living and pursuing the creative life. As with anything, throwing more ‘things’ into the mix isn’t going to do you or your writing any good. You feel productive but really your not. You have to balance consumption with creation.

Too much consumption and you’re not creating, which increases anxiety, which makes you feel like a failure. Too much creation and your not filling the educational and creative well. When one outweighs the other it’s always a lose/lose situation.

Everyday I’m bombarded by emails for webinars, conferences, new books and courses. They are tempting. I so want that edge. I want to get better, I swear and I’ll prove it! I’ve contemplated those $1200 courses. But I also know If I’m not writing, I’m not moving and if I’m not moving well I’m dead so I have to keep moving, pitt stops are allowed.