Most writers I know seem to face the same problems. We all want to write and we want to write allot. We all want to use our time efficiently while we are on this planet. And guess what, we have all been given another chance. 2015 can be your Life Version 23 or whatever number. This is your second chance or 23rd but who cares. We get to give it another go.

If you want to become a writing machine, the writing muscle is going to have to be used and built up on a regular basis. The more you use it the easier it gets tomorrow and the next day. If any muscle is not used the muscles suffer atrophy. Machines go rusty left in a shed. Below is a list of how I plan to use my writing muscle everyday this year and no I’m not starting 1st of Jan but I’m starting today!

  1. Journaling/Morning Pages – Recommended by Julia Cameron. Watch your eyes get more awake as the habit takes over your morning)
  2. Write on the Train – Usually I listen to podcasts but I’m going to set aside 2 days a week where I write in a notebook and work out plot holes.
  3. Write Every Friday Night – The weekend has begun and I have already written something! No more guilty Saturday mornings.
  4. At least once a week write somewhere other than my room. I have tried cafes but this year I would like to try a library. I know its not really adventurous but for me this is big.
  5. Use writing prompts to get kick started.
  6. Write outside. I plan on using a sun chair undercover or maybe a park one day.
  7. Write in my lunch break at least 2 times a week.
  8. Outline Chapters and Create Mind Maps the day before writing them.
  9. Pick a Writing Project everyday to be my Theme of the Day to prevent those pesky overwhelming feelings bubbling up.
  10. No T.V until something has been written. So Let it be written, so let the T.V on.

Brainstorm and use your Idea Muscle of how you plan to use your Writing Muscle. The More you use it, the stronger it gets!