How to build an email list the easy way (Part 2)

This Post is a continuation from How to Build an Email list the Easy Way (Part 1.)

The book is ready or maybe it’s nearly finished. You’ve picked the launch date. Got a killer cover or cover designer who is working their magic. The wheels are in motion. Now for the launch.

Email List Part 2.

The most easiest way to get allot of subscribers is to create a competition or sweepstake Giveaway. Offer a prize in exchange for someones email. This is only the first part of running a competition. You also need to find a Competition/Sweepstake club to list your giveaway in. Find as many clubs as you can and list your comp in it. Here’s are two Australia Competition Websites:

A great post to read on How to run a contest is below with information on rules and international territories.

Everyone’s A Winner! 9 Tips for Hosting Fun (And Successful) Book Contests

The freebie or giveaway should also be everywhere on your site, preferably a pop up and on Facebook. Compers will find your competition too and spread the word.

Now I know what you are thinking. These people just want free stuff. True some of them do but this is not a bad thing either. Why not have a competition to write a review or buy your book? This will help kick start the Amazon Algorithm. Some of these people you will also be able to convert into potential readers. Here’s where your writing expertise comes in. Talk to them in your emails. Offer value and you will be surprised. Experiment with subject lines and get them to open and click.

Other clubs

Don’t just utilise Competition Clubs. What is a theme in your book? Fishing? Cooking? There may be a potential partnership with clubs that will have your target audience. See if you can join them and develop a relationship with them and their members.

The Internal Network Email List

Amazon is the biggest of the online bookstore’s. They are most Indie’s bread and butter. To kick start the algorithms you need reviews and sales. The more reviews and initial sales you have the more you will be catapulted into the charts. Next use your internal network. Friends, family, cousins of cousins, work colleagues. If you can, put them all on a Friends and Family List. Send out a text or email (whichever will reach them). Tell them to write a review and if they can buy the book also. These will show as ‘verified’ reviews which Amazon loves. Make sure you put instructions in your text/email. Aunty Pat is going to get confused, believe me.

Building the illusive email list is damn hard. To get the word out you have to utilise every avenue. Be on every bookstore. Give away a free book within a book. Give prizes out. Advertise on Facebook. The list is endless.

So that was on of my strategies and I would love to hear any other strategies people plan on using when they launch their books?

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