How to Harness Momentum to Write MoreI love writing when its all flowing. It’s like someone has taken over my body and the satisfaction afterwards is what I live for. Some people call it flow or being in the zone and if you could bottle it up and sell it you would be a billionaire. Another phrase that I think describes this force is Momentum. It’s not mysterious and it doesn’t require a seance to conjure up this force but it is powerful and the key to true productivity.

Momentum came to me in a Podcast I was listening to. James Altucher’s Podcast is a must if you ant to build a business, write or create something meaningful in your life. Yesterday I was listening to his Podcast and he was interviewing T. Harv Eker, a motivational speaker kinda like Tony Robbins. I know! Don’t judge! I like listening to motivational speakers. When he mentioned momentum and how important it is, it clicked for me.

To harness momentum, first I think it’s important to distinguish between Momentum that is natural and Momentum that is artificial. The natural kind of momentum is when you write down an idea and you can’t stop. It happens organically and grows from a random event. Artificial momentum is when we set the stage to trigger momentum. Natural organic momentum can be rare and I think most of us will have to trigger and start momentum ourselves so here are some ideas to get some Momentum going:

  • Show up and keep showing up. Momentum can only begin when you actually start.
  • Reduce distractions (as much as you can). Every time you have to restart a task you lose time and have to refocus.
  • Use blocks and big chunks on time for themed tasks eg: Saturday mornings are for emails and Sunday afternoons are for fiction.
  • Make a list of easy tasks that can ease you into a more demanding task.
  • Use writing prompts to get your imagination firing away.
  • Start your day journalling first thing when you get up. Writing your pure thoughts down in the morning will set the tone for the day. Hopefully a writing day!
  • Use an outline or template for what you are setting out to write. Build it and they will come. Set the stage and………the actors will come?

Momentum doesn’t have to be a random elusive event. It’s meaning originates from the Latin word to move. Be Active and Momentum will come.