How-to-Overcome-Setbacks-the-Indie-WayHow you handle set-backs and disappointments can have a huge impact on your creative work. Who knows how many thousands of writers, indie-authors and creatives have quit along the way. But success cannot happen without many failures along the way and without risk there can’t be any success. Learning how to overcome setbacks and disappointments and bounce back is critical.

Amazon BooksWe’ve all heard the crazy statistics like every 8 minutes someone uploads a book on Amazon or 80% of people want to write a book but only 1% actually do. But there are also statistics that are encouraging like 6 billion people will have access the internet in the next ten years and what about the ones who will have access to a device who could potentially read your book.

So how do you bounce back? Here a few strategies and mindsets that will help the indie-author or future indie-author to overcome all the disappointments and setbacks one will come across:

  • It’s OK to fall in love but don’t go all ‘Single White Female’ on your books. Sometimes you have to cut things out. Characters and plots sometimes need changing. Don’t get too obsessed with things as you know how it will end….badly.
  • 1st drafts are shitty as Anne Lamott would say so just keep going.
  • You are not a book. You are just someone who created it. Don’t take it personally when someone doesn’t like it.
  • Accept luck plays a part. There could be numerous reasons the book hasn’t taken off. Move on and write the next one.
  • Mistakes are normal and part of the process. An Indie-author pivots and changes direction.
  • You might have a sleeper book on your hands. Twilight took 6 years to take off maybe yours is the same? Be patient.
  • Have a long term view. You don’t want to be successful and then disappear into oblivion only to be broke down the track. Aim for a long term career and move one chess piece at a time.
  • Nothing is set in stone. The Blog and website can be changed anytime. Logos and branding can be changed. Everything evolves. Forget about it and just keep writing.
  • For every hater there’s at least 1 fan in the beginning then as time goes on the gap widens.
  • Sometimes you can’t do it all and have to call in the professionals. Thats what oDesk is for.

No matter the disappointments and setbacks you face know its not suppose to be easy. The path to success is bumpy. Its OK to fail and your audience will love it that your human and make mistakes and had all these failures along the way. Its all part of your story.

Happy Writing :>

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