The hardest part of writing a book is the actual writing. Writing is everything from plotting, editing, brainstorming and of course putting the words on the page. And then there’s all the time constraints we have and obligations we must keep up. Then throw in your creative hunger which keeps tugging away, giving you heart palpitations in the middle of the night and great ideas at the wrong times.

It’s enough to drive you crazy! And writing a book can do that to you. It’s not easy to write a book but it shouldn’t steal your sanity. So here is my guide on how to write a book and not go crazy:

  1. Outline

Try to work out your plot and characters as much as you can before you sit down and start writing. Break it down chapter by chapter. Do all your brainstorming and research first. Writing will be a breeze when you know exactly what you have to do and how your characters go from A to B.

  1. Keep Calm and Carry On

Blocks are part of the process. For every moment you get stuck in a hole, a rope to pull yourself out of it suddenly appears. A breakthrough always follows a down turn so know it’s a part of the process and just keep pressing on.

  1. Do work on your story regularly

The worst thing you can do is leave your book for a long period of time. Always having to get back into the zone is a pain and you’re not creating a habit by every now and then working on it. A little a day goes a long way and the story will always be fresh in your mind.

  1. It’s serious but not that serious

Stop taking things so seriously. Yes your story is important and maybe you hate your job and dream of writing full time one day or you want that book deal so bad you can taste it. As serious as it all seems, choosing the ‘serious’ attitude or outlook on things is always going to get you in trouble. Overall, overthinking things, putting too much pressure on yourself and being dramatic is only going to work yourself up. There’s a reason why Google’s workplace is playful and fun. Creativity thrives off it. Go about your work like who cares and it’s all a bit of fun.

  1. Keep the Creative Well ¾ full

Read, watch your favourite T.V show, Look at Art, coffee table books, take a long walk, anything that keeps the creative well topped up is a must. Don’t overdo it though, the creative well shouldn’t be overflowing because procrastination can easily take hold so keep the well ¾ full.

  1. Do solve the problem of time

Work out when you are going to write and commit to these times from the start. There’s nothing worse when you’re in the midst of writing a book and you’re still having trouble with time management. Work out these problems from the beginning and make sure to let everyone know not to bother you so you can your words done.

  1. Be patient

Actively work towards your goal patiently. We live in a world where everything is zooming by us at lighting speed. Instant gratification is everywhere and our minds have been programmed to this speed. Art, writing and creativity don’t operate on the same wave length. Resolve to be patient and know that things will always work themselves out.


Writing a book shouldn’t be painful and above all it shouldn’t drive you crazy. It is one of the most rewarding endeavours you’ll undertake so enjoy the journey and forget about the destination.

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