March-Selection--Book-Cover-DesignIt took me a while to compile this post this month. Trying to sift through the emails, I finally looked at the Goodreads Newsletter. As always there are so many amazing books coming in in 2016. Equally there are so many amazing book cover designs to choose from. It was a hard choice and here they are. Here is my pick of covers for March:


Lust and Wonder

Lust & Wonder: A Memoir by Augusten Burroughs 

In chronicling the development and demise of the different relationships he’s had while living in New York, Augusten Burroughs examines what it means to be in love, what it means to be in lust, and what it means to be figuring it all out.

I love a clever cover and this one is a beauty. A matchbox with simple type. What a clever idea. My favourite part is the ‘A Memoir’ on the side. Who says you have to fill the page up anyway.




Screenshot 2016-03-12 13.46.45

Summerlost by Ally Condie 

A tender and compelling contemporary novel for young readers about facing grief and finding friendship, from the international bestselling author of the Matched series.

A young novel about summer and friendship is perfectly conveyed in this image. The clouds are mesmerising and realistic that surprisingly fit in with cartoon like characters on the bikes. It has a yellow and blue theme that feels dark yet summery. Authors name is nicely set and centred. Final verdict, Professional and playful.





Set in the world of the New York Times bestselling Seven Realms series, a generation later, this is a breathtaking story of dark magic, chilling threats, and two unforgettable characters walking a knife-sharp line between life and death.

I have a thing for fiery amulets and this one is crazy. Intertwining gold, jewels and dragon scales! Brilliant. What makes this amulet really special is the scene set behind it. The background has a castle and river which invokes other ‘worldliness’. The light reflecting and burning behind the amulet is masterful. Type is perfectly placed and gold. I need to know! Whats in that castle!





Screenshot 2016-03-12 13.47.51The Moon in the Palace (The Empress of Bright Moon Duology) by Weina Dai Randel

A concubine at the palace learns quickly that there are many ways to capture the Emperor’s attention. Many paint their faces white and style their hair attractively, hoping to lure in the One Above All with their beauty.

I especially love the Romance genre when it comes to covers. This cover is deceivingly simple. There are four elements. A mysterious woman, a palace, floral pattern background, floral and sparkle shadow. All work well. The final product? A cohesive cover.



A haunting and hopeful tale of discovering light in even the darkest of places.

For his whole life, the boy has lived underground, in a basement with his parents, grandmother, sister, and brother. Before he was born, his family was disfigured by a fire. His sister wears a white mask to cover her burns.

There seems to be a trend for handwritten type at the moment. Many covers feature this casual look and this title stands out like a firefly. The yellow text appears to have been written on the beaten up wall in the background. The turquoise and yellow are a great combo. Dark and light at the same time. But my favourite part is the firefly. Its detail and mysterious glow drew me in. Perfect connection between title and image.