The No. 1 tool for goals I just discoveredRecently I got bogged down by the ‘overwhelm’ and fell into bad habits….again. I’ve always been someone who knows what they want but can’t seem to actually do it. Then I happen to see the finalists of Shopify’s latest Build a Business Competition. You know, the competition where you get to go to Necker Island if you win and learn from the masters like Tony Robbins and Marie Forleo. One of the finalists was the SELF Journal: Your Daily Structure for Success.


How it Works

The SELF Journal helps organize and align your tactical day-to-day tasks with your larger life goals

  • Year long planning leaves too much time to procrastinate. Crafting 3 month goals allows you to see the end in sight.
  • Breaking these 3 month goals down into manageable chunks will give you the ability to easily know if you are on the right path
  • Creating a daily action plan to understand what action steps need to be taken each day to reach your goals
  • Success is nothing more than the sum of your habits. Forming great habits will make success not only optional, but inevitable


I always seem to have many projects on the go and it’s always hard juggling many short term and long term goals. Here’s the number one thing I love about it:

You put what Goal your reaching for on a daily basis.

Then structure your day or free time around that goal.

Here are some other things I love about the SELF Journal:

  • By working out your day in the morning you prime your subconscious to take action towards your goals.
  • It’s based on real research and science.
  • It helps you form habits which are really daily actionable steps to what you want.
  • There are pages for doodling!
  • It keeps you positive by making you think about your Wins and what your grateful for.


The SELF Journal has helped me turn things around and I can’t recommend it more. Get yours here!