3 Indie Publishing Lessons I learned in the last week

1. Prioritise Promotion as Books do not sell themselves! Ok this I knew but I will admit deep down I thought my first book would do its thing and I wouldn’t have to anything. I hoped the book would work for not me work for it! Long story short The Hustle has begun. Lesson: Start Hustling, now. 2. It doesn’t matter how panicked you are when you ask for a review ,no one is in a hurry to write you one. I asked family and friends. Crickets. I had 65 Downloads. Crickets. What’s going on out there? Lesson: Be Patient. Reviews will come…..eventually. 3. Formatting and Uploading takes 5 times as […]

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What’s Happening

The First Book Active Patience of the Active Series is finally out. This book is the first to kick off my short non fiction series. This particular book was mainly about my struggles with writing and being productive. How far we come! The blog has also been going under a little renovation, so I am using my design skills as well! Any questions as always please email me.  

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The psychology of Passwords and how it can help you write your novel

How many times have we heard we must know everything about our characters to write about them. We must be able to anticipate their next moves. Understand their motivations and where they are coming from and where they might go next. Their personalities shape our stories. Passwords reveal personality and therefore passwords can reveal character. Yes I’m talking about passwords people use to get into their computers, bank accounts ect. Some of you are probably thinking but my character doesn’t work in an office or he’s in the army in a jungle. I would argue it doesn’t matter we as the writer or ‘God’ of our stories must know everything about our characters. So […]

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