What I’m writing right now

  Before I get stuck into what I’m working on I just wanted to say I like calling my books writing projects. Why a project you ask? Because I believe any book you are working on is a giant endeavour that deserves the description of PROJECT. My very first novel or writing project has graduated to first draft and I am currently trying to write the second draft. I’m also working on two kindle books. One is about my experience of taking a year off to write a novel and what you should do or not do. The other one is in it’s early stages and about perseverance. I’m also writing a […]

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How to write the book you can only write…

  Image via Sara Wilson Back in the day when I didn’t really know about writers. They were mysterious creatures to me and this was before everyone was tweeting and blogging, we lived in a bigger world, we weren’t as connected you could say. The image I would get in my head when I thought of a writer was a middle aged podgy man sitting in his study with a giant bookcase filled with all the classics and he probably taught in his spare time and he probably had a degree in English on the wall. The whole study or writers den you could call it was dimly lit by […]

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National One-Act Playwriting Competition

  The following competition was featured in this month’s Aussie Theatre Newsletter. Calling for Entries 2015!  Offering a total prize pool of $6,000. This playwriting competition offers a unique opportunity for the 3 finalists to see their new work performed on stage at Noosa Arts Theatre One-Act Play Festival, over 3 weeks as part of the Noosa Long Weekend Festival. Shortlisted scripts are sent to a panel of 3 industry experts, who provide written assessments. NOTE: This competition is not restricted to Australian residents. For more information, please email or phone 61 (0)7 5449 9343  Entries close, October 1, 2014 For More Information go here

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Need Some Motivation? Read this now…

Have you hit a wall? Do you keep thinking it’s all too hard or there’s always tomorrow. The thing is tomorrow comes and we say again and again I’ll do it tomorrow but the problem is we put off everything for the rest of our lives. Is there a book unfinished sitting on you laptop or Scrivener file. Maybe you have many Scrivener files like me. All projects started but nothing is actually finished and no before you start thinking ‘Is anything ever finished?’. Yes there is such a thing as finished so stop putting off everything and get out of your writing bog now by reading on. 1. Read the […]

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