Procrastination-is-not-your-enemy-and-here's-whyProcrastination seems to be every writers or creatives biggest enemy. Everyone talks about it. Writers blog about it. Endless books have been written about the subject. It’s considered widely to be the evil we need to get rid of now or in 30 days. I happen to disagree. It’s not evil and it is in fact part of the creative process.

It has taken me years to accept procrastination. It’s usually my down time. My lead up to doing important work and its also sometimes the cool off and reward for hitting a word count or doing some dreaded admin task.

Thinking you can beat procrastination is wrong! You have to play a careful dance with it. Work with it. Utilise it to get your butt in that seat. If you have to surf the internet for an hour before writing then so be it.

I have to admit I’ve been rather a late bloomer when it comes to pursuing my creative dreams. In the beginning of writing ‘A Novel’ I thought I should be able to write 24/7. What’s wrong with that? Only the pull towards other things and avoiding things was very strong for me. And I thought I was a complete failure.

Procrastination is also relentless. It’s always going to show up. Don’t be fooled thinking it’s not going to be there tomorrow or next week. It always will be there. So why fight it?

But there is something wonderful and mysterious about procrastination which I love….

When you procrastinate your subconscious is actually working on your book. You’re working on your ideas even when you don’t think you are. Have you ever sat down to write something and thought where did that come from? Or you got stuck in the dreaded middle of your book and when you picked up from you left, things just flowed? Yep thats your subconscious.

Procrastination has a bad reputation but don’t believe it. Embrace it, Enjoy it and plan for it.