Six-figure-Romance-Books-and-other-Kindle-Spy-SecretsI nearly fell off my chair when I saw for the first time what romance books make in the Kindle Store. I had read somewhere Romance was the biggest category but not that big! I can’t remember the author/blogger who recommended Kindle Spy but it has been one of the greatest little inventions I’ve seen for writers and authors. With one click on the Kindle Store you can see estimated sales revenue for books and categories.

What is Kindle Spy?

Kindle Spy is a New Unique Software Application ‘Reverse Engineers’ The Kindle
Marketplace & Reveals Lucrative Kindle Niches – In Seconds!”. 

If you have Google Chrome its a simple extension near your browser you click when you want to know how successful a book or category is in the Kindle Store.

Kindle Spy

Kindle Spy estimates the sales (volume) based on the sales rank of the book and then calculates that with the price to get the estimated monthly sales revenue for that book.

Why use Kindle Spy?

  • Research a Genre you are currently writing in.
  • Research viable categories to write in.
  • You want to write books that sell.
  • Find Key Words commonly used for book titles.
  • Track a single book and it’s sales.

If your current book is a labour of love and you don’t care about making money, Kindle Spy is not for you. But if you want to make a side or full time income from your books it’s a great tool to have and yes you feel like spy when you use it.

Here are some interesting average sales revenue figures for the top categories in Amazon:

  • Romance: $206,000
  • Historical Romance: $45,000
  • Romantic Comedy: $107,000
  • Fantasy: $36,000
  • Non Fiction, Self-Help: $44,000
  • Non Fiction, Personal Transformation: $14,000
  • Non Fiction, Stress Management: $5000
  • Mystery, Thriller, Suspense: $550,000
  • Teen and Young Adult: $56,000

Figures are as of August 2015, in US Dollars and based on the top 20 books in their respective category in the store.

It’s also surprising to see in Romance and other popular categories how simple and amateur looking the covers are and yet they are in the top ten so just imagine if you had a professional cover and blurb? I’d say you would kiss some Kindle ass!

Of course forcing yourself to write a book just because it’s in the biggest category on Amazon is going to be painful especially if you don’t read in that category and it’s not what you love to write. But trying to find a happy medium should be the goal if you want to write and a make a living. Choosing the right categories to write in will make a huge difference and give you the best chance of getting discovered and read!

Happy Writing :>

For more information on Kindle Spy go here.