5 Perfect Businesses for Writers

So you want to be a writer and you want to write full time. No problem! Right? Making a living as a full time writer can often be as elusive as winning the lottery. Let’s face it, most writers will never make a living with their writing. But what if you had multiple streams of income to support your writing. You would probably be OK and be able to pay for your bills comfortably and focus on your writing and books. Here are few ideas to get your side hustle on so you can concentrate on what you really want and write. Dropshipping  What if I told you, you could start a […]

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Eight reasons why I want to be like Joanna Penn

One of my virtual mentors is Joanna Penn and while it’s a little embarrassing to say, I want to be just like her. Over the years I’ve watched her rise to an authority in the Indie Author ranks, now turning over 6 figures a year in her business, Joanna is a total inspiration. I discovered Joanna Penn from The Creative Penn in my cubicle around 2011. I can’t remember how I stumbled upon her website but I downloaded her Author 2.0 Blueprint and began reading it one weekend. This is when I discovered self-publishing and the penny dropped like a ton of bricks. You can self-publish a book? There’s a […]

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Books as Assets or Mini Businesses

Books should be seen as Assets and Mini businesses. If you want to write that one book, stop reading now. I mean its perfectly possible that you write that one book, you get a book deal or self-publish and it becomes a bestseller and you are set for life. This scenario is like winning the lottery. Most likely you will have to build wealth slowly though your books. So If you want to be an Author who wants to build a business around your books, keep reading. I follow allot of Indie authors and they all say the same thing. Treat every book you write like a mini business. It’s […]

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Creativity And Entrepreneurship: Lessons Learned

I just read a great post by Joanna Penn on one of my favourite Indie Blog’s The Creative Penn. The post was a reflection on turning forty, something that is a few years off for me but it definitely got me thinking about how far I have also come in the last few years. Joanna has some great tips and you can read the full article here. I wanted to also share what I have learned in the last few years in the hope it might help you too: START NOW I wanted to start a blog for two years before I actually took the plunge. Then it took me […]

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