How to build an email list the easy way (Part 2.)

This Post is a continuation from How to Build an Email list the Easy Way (Part 1.) The book is ready or maybe it’s nearly finished. You’ve picked the launch date. Got a killer cover or cover designer who is working their magic. The wheels are in motion. Now for the launch. Email List Part 2. The most easiest way to get allot of subscribers is to create a competition or sweepstake Giveaway. Offer a prize in exchange for someones email. This is only the first part of running a competition. You also need to find a Competition/Sweepstake club to list your giveaway in. Find as many clubs as you can and […]

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How Entering 25 Word or Less Competitions Can Help your Writing and Creativity

Back in 2009 I was watching a current affairs show at home when a segment came on about how all these people were winning competitions. They were all members of a competition club called Lottos. I had never heard of Competition Clubs before this point and I had never entered a competition in my life, thinking they were too hard to win. Right about this time I was in one of my miserable jobs at the bank, so I joined. I soon found out all the hints and tricks of entering and the prizes started to trickle in. I also started entering the 25 word or less competitions. You know the […]

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