Ten-Reasons-why-you-are-amazingYou know you need to hear it every now and then. I’m going to be the good angel, cheerleader and creative coach for a minute here. Stop beating yourself all the time and pat yourself on the back. And you know it’s all true so here are ten reasons you are amazing:

  1. You have dreams and you’re going after them. Allot of people don’t take action.
  2. You’ve made some kind of commitment to yourself. I’m sure you have said to yourself ‘I’m going to write that book’ or ‘I’m going to write 500 words a week.’
  3. You’ve realised you were created to create.
  4. You read blogs (like this one :>) which makes you in the top 1%.
  5. You want to learn. Maybe its the craft, self-publishing, online marketing or social media but you want to know more. Awesome (remember top 1%).
  6. You are doing the best you can with what you have. You’re juggling family and life with your creative efforts.
  7. You are talented. Yes the big ‘T’ word. If you can string a few sentences together with meaning, you have talent. If you can tell a story, yep you’ve got it.
  8. You are willing to sacrifice. Even if it’s half an hour of writing in your lunch break.
  9. You know the muse and have met them. Maybe you don’t meet up all the time but allot of people never meet him/her ever.
  10. You’ve come along way. Whatever the journey you have been on think about all the things you have overcome and achieved.

That’s right people you are all amazing! Give yourself a pat on the back! :>