Active-Patience-LogoThe Creative Market is one of the best resources for images, mock ups, scene creators, fonts, patterns, the list goes on. It is my go to website for all things design and its not just for designers, anyone can buy and use products from The Creative Market. Having a professional looking blog with images to match is going to make you stand out and there is so much competition out there now. Everyone is building a platform of some sort and everyone is writing a book. So do yourself a favour and start taking things seriously because do jusdge a book by its cover and everything else in between.

How does The Creative Market work?

Creative Market is a platform for handcrafted, mousemade design content from independent creatives around the world. Its super cheap and you have a choice between a standard license and extended license. Some of the files you download will be JPEG like images and these are easy to use for book covers and blog posts. But the good stuff that will make you stand apart from other authors and bloggers will come in a Photoshop file. If you’re a serious about your writing and building your platform I think it’s worthwhile getting the Creative Suite. Have a look at the below products from The Creative Market I think every writer must have:

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Book Mock Up’s

For a writer or author having a book mock up file is a must. Unless you have oodles of money to constantly hire professionals to create your book mock ups, you need these files to create your own promotional material. Don’t hire people do it yourself.




Laptop and iPad Mock Up’s

These are great mock ups for blog posts that showcases your branding. Easy to use they look realistic and professional.




Mock Up Scene Creator

I love mocking up scenes with my logo and book covers. Here is the one I used for my header:



Book icons and buttons are always handy for when you want a quick sign up or eBook giveaway.


Image Bundles:

I like space, flowers and watercolour, I know! I’m such a girly girl. But there are so many image bundles to choose from you’ll go crazy. Use for your blog posts, book covers and creative inspiration.


Fonts and Patterns

Choose your fonts and patterns are based on your branding and personal preference. Buying a bundle gets you the most bang for your bucks. Here’s a popular font bundle:


Once you have your graphics, fonts and mock ups at your disposal, don’t be surprised if you get lost down the design rabbit hole. These are just a few things I like from The Creative Market but have a look for yourself and get designing.

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